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In the resource center Bali NGO & Associates presents a wide variety of documents, ideas, policies and guidelines. The published documents are approved in board meetings. 

Any comments, ideas or revisions are welcome! Let's get the conversation going!

Food distribution.png

Food distribution and security

Click below to download the presentation of Kylie Parmley on food distribution and security.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 11.28.46.png

Presentation: Improving access to Clean Water and Sanitation 

Click below to download the presentation given by Jeroen Overbeek on the workgroup meeting on water and sanitation. 


Women and Money Indonesia

Kopernik partnered with @ideoorg on the “Women and Money” program - a two year initiative to surface the complex realities that keep women excluded from financial services. Kopernik conducted research to understand women’s agency in their financial life, so that we can contribute to building gender-inclusive financial services that are based on a deep understanding of the access and usage barriers that women face. The research was done in Central Sulawesi, East Java and Bali, with a focus on rural areas in these provinces, to represent the perspectives from a range of geographies.

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